Bradley D. Fanestil, M.D.

  • Internal Medicine
  • Internal Medicine

Provider Bio

Dr. Fanestil is board certified in Internal Medicine and has practiced as both a primary care internist and as a hospitalist for most of his career. In 2017, he began researching and learning about new theories in neuroscience - largely supported by functional MRI (fMRI) data - that are beginning to explain the emotional connections between mind and body.

After watching many patients improve or resolve their chronic pain problem, he works now at The Center for Mind Body Medicine, which draws upon these new theories to treat chronic pain and other hard-to-treat medical symptoms - without the use of medications. It is important to note that he does not manage or prescribe pain medications. Instead, he uses new concepts in neuropsychology to reduce or eliminate pain circuits in the brain. Please check out the Mind Body webpage for more information.