Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

Integrating the best of our community to optimize our health and measurably improve value.

Our Vision

Boulder Valley’s hub for health.

Our Credo

Life is precious, a gift to be cherished, and the community has a responsibility to help each person live their life to its fullest.

We, the participating healthcare professionals of BVCN, believe our responsibility is to optimize the health of our community through evidence-based medicine and collaboration across our network to care for the body, mind, and spirit. We will succeed in this endeavor by teaming up with each individual to understand their medical, financial, and social needs; as well as their preferences while connecting them to what can most help their situation.

Our Values

The value we provide to our community relies on the STEPs we take towards success:

S- Sustainability:

BVCN strives to meet the needs of our employers, healthcare professionals and the community. Our health system is only sustainable if we lower the cost of care and the organizations we rely on to provide care can stay in business.

T – Team:

Our health system is too complex for anyone to navigate alone. BVCN creates a venue to reduce administrative complexity, enhance communication and allow healthcare professionals and the community to partner as one team unified in improving specific outcome measures associated with the total health of our community.

E – Engagement:

Our network requires motivated team members, including engaged providers that find meaning in their work and empowered community members that are the leaders of their own personal health. BVCN tracks the engagement and retention of its teammates and improves upon experience for all through shared governance.

P – Performance:

The core of our success centers on individual and team excellence. BVCN’s shared governance led by physicians drives our individual participants to be accountable for appropriate care that is reliable, coordinated and efficient across multiple settings.