Mission, Vision & Values

Our Vision

Our team of providers lead the healthiest community in Colorado by delivering the highest value healthcare.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a seamless healthcare experience for the community we serve by building an infrastructure that fosters innovative clinical care. We succeed by uniting primary care, specialists, healthcare facilities and allied healthcare providers in programs that reward high quality and cost performance to ensure that our partners remain independent and locally-focused.

Our Values

Leaders in Clinical Quality & Innovation:

Our community attracts the best trained experts in their fields, many of whom are actively involved in research as well as patient care. We offer state of the art diagnostics and therapeutics conveniently close to home.

Sustainable Independence:

The link between independent providers and high quality, low cost care is well documented. We enable our providers to remain independent so they can continue to support the health of our community.

Accountable Partnerships:

Every decision we make is about how we can provide high quality that positively impacts the overall health of our community. Success depends on effective collaboration between our providers and healthcare payers, and working to hold them to these goals.

Comprehensive Community Care:

Navigating the healthcare system can be overwhelming. We strive to drive clarity around desired outcomes to make patient choices easier. Also as members of our community, we have a heightened responsibility to care for you as a human and a neighbor.