BVCN Accountable Care Organization


The BVCN Accountable Care Organization (ACO) is comprised of more than 350 of the area’s finest health care providers from Boulder Community Health and Boulder Valley Individual Practice Association (BVIPA). They work together to coordinate care — all with the goal of helping you become and stay healthier.

Collectively, BVCN ACO providers have been serving our community for decades. If you live in the Boulder Valley area, chances are your doctor or other provider is already participating in the BVCN ACO. (Search participating providers)

96.44% ON QUALITY – Highest Ranking Colorado ACO

BVCN ACO received a quality score of 96.44% in 2019 for care of Medicare patients, ranking it No. 1 in Colorado for the second year in a row.


BVCN ACO is a clinically integrated network, meaning our providers share goals for quality, value and health outcomes. As a result, they:

Enhance Your Care Coordination

BVCN ACO breaks down silos by bringing providers together to coordinate your care and help you stay as healthy as possible. We give your providers access to the most up-to-date patient health information, clinical guidelines, resources and tools. When needed, we connect your primary provider to other physicians with specialized skill sets who all work together to enhance your care.

Identify Those Whose Health Might Be at Risk

BVCN ACO data analysis identifies patients who might be at risk from chronic health conditions and could benefit from coordinated care. Through a cooperative effort, our providers then share their expertise and identify resources to develop a care plan to help keep that patient healthy and avoid emergency department visits and hospital admissions.

Deliver Better Access to Care

Rather than building a competitive system between physicians, we help patients find the medical providers closest to them who can best meet their medical needs. In turn, our providers can collaborate with each other when a patient’s care requires a multi-disciplinary skill set.

Reduce Health Care Costs

Our enhanced care coordination increases efficiencies and helps achieve better health outcomes — all while bending the health care cost curve. By supporting providers with robust, actionable information, as well as pooling resources and expertise, we help reduce duplicate tests, unnecessary interventions, emergency department visits and hospital readmissions.

Improve Health Outcomes

BVCN ACO’s providers collaborate to meet quality measures linked to high-quality health care such as health outcomes and patient perceptions. We are committed to supporting providers as they work to reach identified health outcomes. As a result, we have earned financial rewards for meeting or exceeding quality benchmarks.