Nurse Care Coaching Program

Employee Health Services

In the Nurse Care Coaching Program, your employees work one-on-one with a highly skilled and experienced nurse care coach. This program is focused on helping your staff turn into a healthy, resilient, and vital workforce. Nurse Coaches create an individualized curriculum for each employee that focuses on improving both work efficiency and personal health.

Keeping Your Employees Focused on What’s Important

Constantly evolving technological advances place employees at risk for work related stress. Email, cell phones and the internet offer opportunities for the employee to be fully connected to work 24 hours a day. Additionally the advent of technology, and long commutes contribute to sedentary lifestyles. Hectic work and family responsibilities mean less time to engage in self-care practices. These lifestyle factors place employees at risk for chronic disease such as Diabetes, Heart disease and Depression. Health promotion and disease prevention therefore impact the workforce through improved productivity and decreased rates of absenteeism. Nurse Care Coaches assist employees to adopt skills that help them manage stress, achieve life balance, and identify factors that place them at risk for chronic disease.

What Our Program Can Do For You & Your Staff

The Nurse Care Coaching Program empowers employees on how to balance work and health, keeping them efficient, focused, and healthy. This is a completely individualized, customizable process in which our skilled nurse coaches develop unique plans for each employee.

Benefits of the Nursing Care Coaching Program include:

  • Helping employees find the motivation to achieve career and health goals
  • Support for an employee’s emotional and physical needs
  • One-on-one partnership between employee and nurse coach
  • Completely customized and individualized programs
  • A collaborative and affirming process to enhance the employee’s lifestyle

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