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Boulder County is one of the healthiest places to live in America—and with good reason. We Boulderites care about our health. A lot. Most of us don’t smoke. We prioritize active lifestyles. We live near nature, which studies show decreases stress.

We also benefit from a strong network of independent physicians across the county, which means better health outcomes at lower cost.

Here at Boulder Valley Care Network, our mission is to connect and support those independent physicians so that people like you can access the best local healthcare at a more affordable price. Learn how we work or find a doctor now

Learn more about influenza

As we enter flu season, Boulder Community Health physicians from the Beacon Center for Infectious Diseases provide information about influenza, commonly referred to as the flu. They also describe the importance of getting the flu vaccine and go over a few of its most common myths. These videos feature Dr. Mark King, Dr. Todd Turner and Dr. Amie Meditz.

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