Value of Joining

Help Us Create a Value-Based Healthcare Network in Boulder

If you have never been part of a physician network before, you probably have several questions about what it entails. At Boulder Valley Care Network, all of our participating physicians remain independent.

We believe that providing people with health education and improved access to cost-effective services is key to creating a happier, healthier community. Once you join our network, we can refer patients to your clinic and connect you to other physicians in the area with specialized skill sets who you can coordinate with to improve patient care.

Become a Leader in Community Healthcare

Healthcare should never be seen as a business before a service. Our network is committed to building a comprehensive health system in the community that makes it easier for people to access the medical services they need. Rather than building a competitive system between physicians, we help patients find the medical providers closest to them who can best meet their medical needs. In turn, our providers can collaborate with each other when a patient’s care requires a multi-disciplinary skill set.

We promote our physicians to become a trusted leader in healthcare for their community. Together, we can build something great.