Nurse Care Coach Program

  • A NCC PATIENT 002The Nurse Care Coaching (NCC) program was established to help support employees and their family members in reaching their optimal health. In addition to general health and wellness coaching, the NCC is available to help employees understand their doctor’s recommendations, answer questions about those recommendations, and facilitate a process for following through on them.

  • “The BVCN Nurse Care Coach program is one of Boulder Valley School District's primary health and wellness programs. Having a qualified local resource has been fabulous for our employees. It has been better received than all the disease management programs provided by the health plans put together. BVCN has been a great partner in controlling our healthcare costs and improving the health of our employees."
    - Bob Jamieson, Benefits Director, Boulder Valley School District
  • The Nurse Care Coaching program was created in collaboration with our founding partner employers, who were seeking clinical resources, advanced care coordination and coaching for their employees who were struggling to manage chronic disease. Since that time, the NCC role has been expanded to serve not only patients with chronic disease, but, depending on the needs of employees, to coach employees and family members struggling with any health or wellness issue as requested.

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  • There are several key ways that the BVCN Nurse Care Coach (NCC) program is distinct from other nurse programs:

    The Nurse Care Coaches (NCCs) are local and are knowledgeable about local health and social resources. Health coaching is done one-on-one and in person, and only occasionally via the phone. The NCC and patient typically form a long-term relationship based on that patient’s wishes and needs.

    Critically, the NCCs, all RNs with specialized training and certificates, serve as an extension of the physicians’ offices by coordinating care with BVCN physician offices, when necessary, and through their secure and private access to electronic medical records, when pertinent. Collaboration is facilitated by the NCC’s close affiliation with BVCN physicians.

    The NCC’s role and the program are customized to each employer, based on that employer’s culture and needs, as well as their existing wellness and benefits programs. She or he can be based onsite at the employer location or visit various locations to provide health seminars and/or health coaching. The NCC also meets privately in regular one-on-one sessions with patients requesting that level of support.

  • “The following Saturday afternoon, Jobs allowed his wife to convene a meeting of his doctors. [Jobs] realized that he was facing the type of problem that he never permitted at Apple. His treatment was fragmented rather than integrated. Each of his myriad maladies was being treated by different specialists – oncologists, pain specialists, nutritionists, hepatologists, and hematologists – but they were not being coordinated in a cohesive approach...‘One of the big issues in the health care industry is the lack of caseworkers or advocates that are the quarterback of each team,’ Powell said."
    - “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson
  • Meet the Nurse Care Coaches

    • SVVSD Nurse Care Coach

      Carla Keahey, MSN, RN, ACNS-BC Nurse Care Coach for SVVSD

      Carla Keahey is a Registered Nurse and Board Certified Adult Clinical Nurse Specialist.  She has specialty training in the care of victims of sexual assault and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition. Her past experience includes working as a provider in pain management clinics and as an RN in orthopedics, neurology, and trauma. Carla moved to […]

    • BVSD Nurse Care Coach

      Stephanie Grant RN, WCC Nurse Care Coach for BVSD

      Stephanie Grant serves the employees of the Boulder Valley School District, as a health and wellness advocate and in any area of wellness or health where personal coaching is in order. In addition to general health and wellness coaching, Stephanie is available to help employees understand their doctor’s recommendations, answer questions about those recommendations, and […]

    • SVVSD Nurse Care Coach

      Jerri Mason BSN, RN, CHC Nurse Care Coach for SVVSD

      Jerri Mason is very passionate about living a healthy life style! She is a Colorado native and enjoys spending time with family and friends, healthy cooking, and her more active endeavors include cycling, running, circuit training, golf, and snowboarding. Jerri, a Registered Nurse and Certified Health Coach, has worked in the healthcare and wellness industry […]

  • "BVCN and the Nurse Care Coach service is a very valuable tool for Longmont United Hospital to help provide a great benefits package and excellent experience for our employees. We know our employees are in good hands and getting expertly directed advise and care which leads to a healthy and happy workforce."
    - Warren Laughlin, VP Human Resources, Longmont United Hospital