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Healthy Employees = Healthy Business = Healthy Community

You probably know that offering a workplace health program is one of the best ways to boost productivity at your business. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), companies that support workplace health have a greater percentage of employees at work every day, reduce “presenteeism”, and improve the health behaviors of both employees and their family members.

The physicians and clinicians of the BVCN are committed to helping our community and our businesses stay as healthy as possible. We offer a Nurse Care Coaching Program and other tools that employers can use to enhance their workplace health program.



Bob Jamieson, Benefits Director, Boulder Valley School District – “The BVCN Nurse Care Coach program is one of Boulder Valley School District’s primary health and wellness programs. Having a qualified local resource has been fabulous for our employees. It has been better received than all the disease management programs provided by the health plans put together. BVCN has been a great partner in controlling our healthcare costs and improving the health of our employees.”

Debra Kirk, RN, MSN, CHFS, BVCN BVSD Nurse Care Coach – “The BVCN video series have been a great way to communicate and educate employees on the services I can provide to them as a Nurse Care Coach as it is a new clinical role. The video presentations have provided a medium for employees to become familiar and comfortable with me on their own terms. This has been an excellent segue for them to reach out for coaching around challenging issues.”

Dorothy Price, RN, MSN, CDE, BVCN LUH Nurse Care Coach – “It was really fun to participate in a video series about healthy diets; and by “diets” we mean what you eat every day. The videos helped to generate a lot of enthusiasm for healthier choices. Also, the momentum from the videos helped to spark me and some of my patients to start the “The Conscious Cleanse” lifestyle diet together, and we’ve each seen real improvements in our health.”

Cathy Higgins, Executive Director, Boulder Valley Individual Practice Association – “The video series on the Clash of the Diets was very well received by the community because of the creativity in the idea and the brilliance of the editing process to include only the most pertinent points. I think it is more appealing to see a physician’s point of view than all the other so-called experts out there.”

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