Our History

  • schoolbusBob Jamieson, the former Benefits Director for the Boulder Valley School District, had long been frustrated by his inability to find solutions to some of the problems BVSD employees expressed regarding their healthcare benefits. These included the rising cost, the sheer complexity of health care and insurance bills, as well as the lack of coordination from one physician to another physician and from the hospital to the primary care physician. Bob was aware that his employees had good health benefits and had access to excellent local medical care. Yet it was apparent too that the complex dynamics and giant cogs that turn the wheels of the health care industry were not working entirely in the favor of the district’s employees and their families.

    One day in 2009, while on vacation touring a rain forest preserve in Central America, Bob looked up to the trees. At first, he saw little of note among the branches. But eventually, he discerned monkeys moving about. The monkeys were forming networks in the trees; the larger ones grabbing each other’s legs and tails and branches to form bridges from one tree to the next. The smaller monkeys then traveled onward using this living network as their support. Bob suddenly realized that this naturally occurring supportive network embodied the kind of health care network he had been envisioning for the BVSD employees. And so, with a fresh perspective, he returned to Boulder and met directly with the local health care providers in the fall of 2009. They discussed how best to work towards forming clinically integrated networks to better support the care of the district’s employees and their families, and eventually the entire community.

    These discussions and goals were well received by the medical community. And so, the Boulder Valley Care Network was formed. While the inspiration for our work may well be as simple as a band of spider monkeys, we take the challenge of forming a collaborative network capable of supporting and sustaining the health of our community, quite seriously.

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