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About the BVCN Collaboration

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

    • Our Story

      “The Boulder Valley Care Network (BVCN) was conceived by Bob Jamieson, Benefits Director of the Boulder Valley School District (BVSD), and dedicated to the proposition of providing better medical care for the district employees and indeed for all citizens of Boulder County and the region. Bob understood the school district was spending too much money for medical care, leaving less for the education of our children. He approached the hospitals and provider groups of the County for help in an endeavor to improve and streamline medical care. These groups have been meeting regularly for years to build an organization that can achieve these goals.” 

      – Laird Cagan, M.D. Boulder County Medical Society President and Medical Director for the BVCN

    • Our Mission

      The Boulder Valley Care Network is committed to:

      • Educating and supporting our patients and community members in their efforts towards being well and living healthy lifestyles,
      • Helping our patients with a chronic disease understand how to manage their disease and supporting them in their endeavor to be as healthy as possible,
      • Coordinating care so that the entire care team understands the needs of each patient and so that the patient understands how to access to the right care at the right time in the right place,
      • Accelerating the rate at which we learn and adopt “best practice” and “evidence based” medicine, and
      • Improving the value and quality of the health care we deliver.
    • Our Structure

      The BVCN is in the process of becoming a Clinically Integrated Network. It’s governing body is the Board led primarily by local physician leaders.